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Smart WIFI Solution

I.Smart WIFI construction concept


II.Full-scene smart WIFI deployment


III.Overall architecture


IV.Platform Features


V.Scenario deployment


VI.Advantages of the project --- equipment highlights 

  • Automatically select the optimal channel to avoid co-channel interference

      General Wireless APs can automatically select the optimal channel according to the surrounding equipment channel occupancy to avoid the same frequency interference and improve the network stability.

      Multiple intelligent RF optimization; ensuring the best Internet experience

  • Smart Broadcast Optimization

      Automatic broadcast speedup, ARP message transfer to unicast, reduce spam messages, improve transmission efficiency;

  • Anti-terminal sticking

      Automatically perceive the signal strength of the terminal during roaming and guide it to access the best AP;

  • Anti-terminal delay

      According to the time fair algorithm, effectively preventing low-rate terminals from slowing down the overall network performance.

  • Single device supports multiple SSIDs

      Supports the binding of different SSIDs and tag VLANs to implement VLAN user isolation.

  • Automatically adjust antenna transmit power to ensure signal coverage without blind area

      General The wireless AP antenna transmit power is linearly adjustable. According to the actual deployment density, the transmit power can be adjusted in time to avoid mutual interference between the APs, and at the same time ensure that the signal coverage has no dead zone.

  • Support PPPoE dial-up access? Branch deployment without adding routing devices

      General wireless AP supports DHCP and DNS proxy, which can realize PPPoE dial-up Internet access without adding routing equipment, reducing the difficulty of building chain stores and construction costs.

  • Support FAT / FIT two networking modes

      General The wireless AP supports both fat and thin working modes, and can be flexibly switched according to the networking requirements to meet the requirements of large-scale unified networking and small-scenario independent networking applications.

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