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4G Solar Camera

Tozed 4G solar camera is used for remote area for video surveillance, storage and real-time transmission. Commonly used in highways, reservoirs, farmland, geological disaster monitoring scenes.

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    Main Functions
    4G LTE data transmission
    4G full NetcomIndustrial waterproof, lightning protection, dustproof
    2,4G WIFI coveragewaterproof, lightning protection, dustproof200W/500W pixels
    High gain antennaSolar energy storage90 degrees up and down,360 degrees left and right  monitoring
    Supports local storageInfrared night visionAbnormal alarm
    Adapt to harsh environmentsA variety of install optionsIndustrial sound pickup with voice intercom support
    Main Selling Points
    Outdoor 4G access, remote video surveillanceAdapt to remote areas, highways, reservoirs, etc.High gain antenna
    4G full Netcom frequency bandSupports local storageHigh-level waterproof, lightning protection, dustproof

Scheme & Case

Technical specifications

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